about ghme
about GHME

Aries Agro limited  is India’s largest manufacturer and he country’s most respected marketer of Chelated plant nutrients. With rapid sales growth of approximately 25% year on year, consistently over the past 5 years, the Chelated micronutrients product portfolio constitutes over 60% of Aries' revenues and remains its most profitable product line.


The set up of Golden Harvest Middle East FZC in Sharjah was strategically important to Aries Agro as an assured in-house overseas manufacturing base for the flagship brands in the Aries range. With most raw materials, Chelating agents and minerals required for the manufacturing of Chelated micronutrients being imported into India, a plant located in the UAE provides an opportunity to save cost of production by applying automation and new age process engineering, save on high Indian customs duties, and enhance the manufacturing capacity of the Aries Group to serve new markets in the Middle East, the SAARC region, North Africa and Europe.

Golden Harvest has been in commercial production since October 2008 and has till date manufactured 8,000 MT of Chelated Zinc, Chelated Magnesium, Chelated Calcium and Chelated Manganese. Though Aries Agro in India remains the largest buyer of Golden Harvest's output, the Chelates produced in the Sharjah plant have also been sold in retail and in bulk to customers located in UAE and Bangladesh. Trials and laboratory tests have proved that Golden Harvest manufacturing facilities have produced products that are equal if not better in quality compared to similar products produced by world leaders in Chelated micronutrients.